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Yohane Bodzo

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Yohane Bodzo

Yohane Bodzo


Yohane Bodzo
ID: K10250150
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Hope Center: Kogoya
Favorite Activity: playing bawo

Biggest Problems Faced: HEALTH. Yohane is HIV+ and has long struggled to receive the extra nutrients and care his condition requires while under the sole care of his grandmother. Sponsorship provides him with extra meals as well as medication, regular health care, and adults who are attentive to his needs. EDUCATION. In Malawi's Southern Region, inadequate facilities, poorly paid and resourced teachers, and huge class sizes pair with pressures to work at home to prevent many children from attending school regularly enough to truly learn and pass through their classes. This leaves many children in grade levels that seem far too low for their age.  Yohane needs your sponsorship so his guardian can be convinced to allow him to attend school rather than working at home and so he can receive the encouragement and resources needed to attend classes and actually progress beyond the lowest levels of education. He is currently attending the Miqlat Primary School at Kogoya.

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