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Rabecca Potheya

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Rabecca Potheya


Rabecca Potheya


ID: T100027
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hope Center: Thuchila
Favorite Activity: Playing Netball

Biggest Challenges Faced: MARRIAGE PRESSURE. In the rural areas, girls are pressured to begin getting married as early as 13. Traditional culture suggests that as soon as they are able to start bearing children, they should begin keeping house, farming, and raising children. Though the legal age of marriage in Malawi has recently been set to 18, the villages persist in pushing young people towards marriage and the traditional way of life. Rabecca and other young women must develop a strong personality, a willingness to stand up to community pressure, and a drive to learn and become more.  EDUCATION. In Malawi's Southern Region, inadequate facilities, poorly paid and resourced teachers, and huge class sizes pair with pressures to work at home to prevent many children from attending school regularly enough to truly learn and pass through their classes. This leaves many children in grade levels that seem far too low for their age. Rabecca needs your sponsorship so she can receive the encouragement and resources needed to attend classes and actually progress beyond the lowest levels of education.

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