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Madalitso Boloma

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Madalitso Boloma


Madalitso Boloma


ID: K10250346
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hope Center: Kogoya
Favorite Activity: playing soccer

Biggest Challenges Faced: DISABILITY. Madalitso was born with a mental/learning disability. Mental and physical disability cause large problems in a community that has based much of its culture of worth on the ability to contribute to the subsistence farming work. Mental disability, further, is often dramatically misunderstood and feared as demonic possession or a result of witchcraft. Therefore, disabled individuals faced persecution at worst and misunderstanding and disregard at best. Though in recent years, the Malawi Government school curriculum has advised teachers to care intentionally for children with disabilities, most schools are not equipped to properly help children with disabilities beyond hearing or seeing problems. Madalitso's sponsorship allows him to receive care and love from a community in a way that he probably would never see simply growing up in the village and to interact with peers who have learned about his disability and how to interact with him with compassion. 

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