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James Jali


James Jali


James Jali--T100421

Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hope Center: Thuchila
Favorite Activity: Playing football
Biggest Challenges faced: EDUCATION. In Malawi's Southern Region, inadequate facilities, poorly paid and resourced teachers, and huge class sizes pair with pressures to work at home to prevent many children from attending school regularly enough to truly learn and pass through their classes. James needs your sponsorship so his guardian can be persuaded to allow him to attend school rather than working at home and so he can receive the encouragement and resources needed to attend classes and actually progress beyond the lowest levels of education. MALNUTRITION. James did not receive the nutrition he needed as a young child, leaving him abnormally small for his age. Though this early stunting may never be reversed, through proper health care and the hearty nutritional meals at the Hope Center, he will be able to grow strong from this point forward.

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