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Standing Prayer Requests

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, persistent in prayer.
Romans 12:12

To help you join us in praying for our children, for Miqlat, and for Malawi, this page is a collection of our standing prayer requests. If you also subscribe to our monthly newsletter, we will keep you updated on changes and needs.


General Malawi Requests

  • Praise and Thanks that the harvest has been mostly fruitful in 2017.
  • Honest politicians and faithful leaders for the Malawian government. 
  • A hard-working spirit and a release of freedom to Malawi’s entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • Pray against a spirit of despair, harassment, and accident. Things just don’t seem to work in Malawi and therefore many people end up taking short cuts or making excuses for bad behavior. Pray for God’s freedom and goodness over little things. 
  • For a revival of true faith; that Christ’s name would not simply be a talisman or the church a function of the community, but that Malawi would experience a true outpouring of the spirit of God and the people who live here would know themselves as children of the Most High.
  • Development of the Malawi education system
    • National Reading Program in early primary school to improve literacy
    • An increase in government secondary schools and thus a decrease in cost of high school education.
    • University funding across the country

Miqlat Specific Requests

  • That our children would know themselves in Jesus and experience his love for them, despite all the hardships that they face.
  • Protection in our children’s homes. That there would be love and grace and healthy attention within their families.
  • For funds to continue building the Miqlat schools; for our new students to acclimate to the Miqlat school environment and flourish and learn. 
  • For unity and a hard-working spirit among our staff team, both admin and field staff. That we would really work as we are working for God and give our very best because by giving our very best we can love the most. 
  • New sponsors for our children and an increase in sponsorship so that we could extend the program to reach more children and more homes. 

Listening to the Lord

At Miqlat we believe that our God is not a silent God, but is a God who wants to communicate with his people today as much as he did in the times recorded in scripture. As you pray for us, we invite you to ask God if he has anything to say for Miqlat and for Malawi. 

If you receive any impressions during your prayer time, or would simply like to share your prayers and encouragements with us, we would love to hear from you.