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Miqlat Schools



In 2016, Miqlat became a true institution of learning. Working from a vision of higher quality education, lower student to teacher ratios, and a full day of time with our sponsored children, Miqlat operates a primary school at each of our Hope Centers. During our dreaming and building years, we will add one school block with the resources to serve two new classes of students each year.

Stanley wakes up early every morning now, demands a bath, and runs to school to be first in line for breakfast. Before Miqlat School, I had to chase him down and physically drag him to school myself.
— Amayi Chagreen, Stanley's Mother

GRADES 2, 3, 4

Madam Juniah studied at Emmanuel Teacher Training College and began her career in 2015, at a government elementary school. She came to Miqlat as a teacher with one year of experience, a fiery personality, and a willingness to face the challenge of remedial education head on. She teaches our grade 2, 3, and 4 class for students whose ages range from 8-14, with initial learning levels of no literacy or math skills to mid third grade level. The range of ability is a major challenge and Juniah must employ her most creative thinking to teach all her students well. Empowering one of our facilitators, Lucius, as her teaching assistant, Juniah focuses on English, mathematics, and the sciences while allowing her friend to practice his own teaching skills in Chichewa and discipleship.

GRADES 5 & 6

Nellie completed her teacher education at DAPP Teacher Training College. After her training, she worked for a private elementary school for a year. She is sweet, strong, and steadfast in her desire to continue her own learning, teach well and hold her students to a high standard. As our grade 5 and 6 teacher, Nellie has students aged 11-16 and is meant to teach all subjects in English (aside from Chichewa class, of course!). However, the prior learning deficiencies of her students force her to craft an English-Chichewa blend, seeking the proper balance of interpreting in her students’ first language so they understand the concept, but communicating more and more in English to increase their fluency.