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Our Spiritual Growth and Communications Coordinator

The Needs: Funding and Prayer (A Note from Emma)

Like many missionaries, and the entire international team at Miqlat, my calling to this adventure in Malawi has moved me out of regular paid work and into the realm of relying on God to tap the hearts of his people to provide for my needs. So if you are interested in helping me to continue doing the work here in Malawi, there are two primary ways you can contribute. If I'm honest, I'm also pretty needy! Be my friend and send affirmations and encouragement. :)

We live on the fuel of prayer over here. Nothing we have done at Miqlat could be done without God's hand, God's power, and God's provision. He is constantly surprising us in the way he wants to challenge and grow us! And, honestly, it's not easy to be living away from my family and the culture I've grown up in. The Lord knows he has given me an incredible community and feeling of home here in Malawi, but I definitely need his help constantly as I am humbled, as I make mistakes, and as I strive to live out his Kingdom each day.

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To cover my basic living expenses, contribute to the fuel and administration costs that come with my ministry, and allow me to continue to give as God directs me, we've established a base need of $1,100/mo as my fundraising goal. Praise God, so far he has really amazed me with the generosity of people around me! Would you join this team? (If the denomination you'd like to give monthly is not available on the drop down list, please email Emma! Paypal is a little funky in the way it allows us to setup recurring payment buttons...)

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You've probably found the page as a direct link from Emma herself and, therefore, don't need an introduction to her, but just in case...

designing & running discipleship class; miqlat schools

designing & running discipleship class; miqlat schools

teaching dance at the hope centers

teaching dance at the hope centers

making friends with the hope center neighbor kids

making friends with the hope center neighbor kids

Emma joined the Miqlat team in 2016, leaving her home in San Diego, allowing God to demonstrate his providence through fundraising her whole salary and moving to Blantyre, Malawi to become a full time missionary. She works with us as our Spiritual Growth and Communications Coordinator. And, like all of us on the team, she prays a lot and wears many hats.

Spiritual Growth

In her capacity as Spiritual Growth Coordinator, Emma prays regularly for Miqlat and our kids, is developing and teaching the Discipleship Class curriculum for our new Miqlat Primary Schools and ministers to our field staff at the centers. She believes strongly that those who pour out need to be poured into and so pioneered a weekly Bible Study time for our facilitators, giving back to the people who give the most to our more than 400 kids. There are a lot of intangible and unpredictable pieces of the Spiritual Growth role; God is always at work, doing new things and provoking new ways to love and support our children and staff with his Word and Spirit.


In her capacity as Communications Coordinator, Emma has taken over the development and running of Miqlat's online presence and produces our newsletters & other publications. She is also managing our sponsorship information and communications, including the letter-writing relationships between children and sponsors. Emma is convinced that while being a practiced photographer and story-teller are well and good, it is the relationships she has built at the Hope Centers that allow her words and images to evoke life and hope. She's also been brushing off her accidentally-learned-in-college skills with video production to bring Miqlat Malawi to life in the US! 

The Other Fun Stuff

In addition to her official roles with Miqlat, Emma generally has a heart for encouraging young people towards discovering their God-given fullness. She is continually brainstorming and presenting new ideas to embolden, strengthen, and free the creativity and passions in our kids. She teaches dance on Saturdays and loves simply talking to our older students, hearing their ideas and answering their questions. As a leader at Flood Church in Blantyre, Emma also gets to live and work with urban Malawian college students, young professionals, and youth who are newly pursuing Christ with abandon. Her role there has created unique opportunities to connect our Miqlat youth in the village with the exciting growth in their own country and we are looking forward to what more God will draw out of this.

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